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What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and what are its benefits?

MLD is a gentle, rhythmic technique wherein the skin is directionally stretched and manipulated to encourage lymph flow/drainage through the vessels and lymph nodes of the lymphatic system.  The lymph is a protein rich fluid that travels around the body picking up bacteria and foreign matter that needs to be drained.

MLD, when performed correctly by a Certified Therapist, aids the lymph system in performing its usual function of removing toxins from the body with a boost thus, creating ‘highways’ for increasing drainage. 


What can MLD help with?

Manually moving the lymph helps to decrease swelling due to: Lymphedema (primary and secondary), injury, surgery and pregnancy.  MLD can boost immunity, promote post-surgical healing, alleviate stress, increase lactation, decrease the look of cellulite, and act as a detoxification cleanse for a generally uncompromised body that has a healthy system.


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